Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching is one of the most effective interventions an organization can use to improve leadership and in turn improve overall performance and results. 


This is because coaching draws out the best in leaders, fostering learning and growth while aligning individuals to shared organizational goals and outcomes.  The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “help(ing) individuals and companies focus on what matters most in life and business.”  Sinclair Advisory Group builds on this by asserting that coaching is:


  • A partnership in which the coach is in service to the leader, and is committed to helping the leader maximize his or her potential and attain personal, professional, & organizational goals. 
  • A trusting, confidential, relationship, in which the leader can safely explore ideas and challenges while developing new insight and perspective.
  • A process of self-discovery through which the leader increases his or her awareness of learning opportunities and gradually works toward sustainable behavioral change.
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Coaching Solutions

Sinclair Advisory Group tailors our coaching services to meet the specific needs of leaders at the individual, team, and organizational levels.  We provide:

  • Behavioral Assessments: Administering personality type or 360-degree assessments to increase leaders’ awareness of their behaviors, tendencies, and preferences.
  • One-on-one Coaching: Conducting individual sessions focused on progressive leadership development, problem solving, goal attainment, and personal growth, typically held bi-weekly or monthly for a period of six months to a year.
  • Group or Cohort Coaching: Leading group sessions focused on improving team dynamics and effectiveness.
  • Measurement: Quantifying the impact of coaching by measuring achievement of goals, and evaluating leadership change through self and peer assessments.

What are the Outcomes?

Coaching must provide more than a “feel good” experience; it must drive change for the individual and ultimately lead to achieving personal and organizational results.  Our coaches:

  • Facilitate an understanding of an individual’s values and how they align with professional goals.
  • Expand awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses and increase mindfulness.
  • Foster clarity in thinking and improve leadership effectiveness.
  • Work to ensure sustainable change and measureable achievement of goals.

Contact Us to learn more about our Executive Coaching services and how we can combine them with a structured Leadership Training program designed to provide your leaders the best practices and support they need to succeed.

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