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Join a SAG Mastermind Group today and begin a new phase of your journey as a business owner, leader, and person. 

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A MASTERMIND GROUP?  To establish a group of engaged, committed business owners who will help each other achieve business success by sharing knowledge, generating ideas, and fostering accountability.


WHY IS A MASTERMIND GROUP IMPORTANT? Building a successful business from scratch is a fulfillment of the American Dream.  However, most people who set out to build a business will fall short of achieving their goals if not totally fail.  This is because entrepreneurs must face risk, competition, financial pressure, market forces, and a wide range of unforeseen challenges throughout their business journey.  A Mastermind Group provides objective guidance, feedback, and support to Business Owners, fostering confidence, clarity, and success.  


SAG's Mastermind Groups are a crucial resource to help business owners develop the strategies, perspective, and support needed to maximize their potential while guarding against common pitfalls. 


WHO SHOULD JOIN? A mastermind group will be most effective when comprised of motivated business owners who are 1) seeking business growth; 2) open-minded to improving personal business acumen; and 3) willing to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices with fellow members.


The goal of this effort is to establish a local mastermind group comprised of select business owners who have shared values, interests, and a willingness to help each other succeed. 


HOW DOES IT WORK? Each SAG Mastermind Group meets virtually on a monthly basis.  Meetings will last 60 – 90 minutes and typically be comprised of a combination of the following activities:


  • Problem Solving – Structured exercises through which a member presents a pressing question or issue to the group; the group asks questions and provides feedback to help the member develop options and make sound decisions.
  • Action Planning – Members will develop/present specific strategic goals, tactical objectives, and short-term action plans for one or more areas of their business.  Members will regularly provide updates on progress with the group encouraging follow-through and accountability.
  • Knowledge Sharing – Members will volunteer to research and present best practices and/or personal experiences related to specific business topics.  Examples:
    • Growth Strategies
    • Business Development/Sales
    • Marketing
    • Customer Satisfaction/Retention
    • Product Development
    • Hiring/Resource Management
    • Financial Performance
    • Business Operations
    • Business Legal Framework
    • Communication/Relationship Building
    • Conflict Management/Negotiation

An online group will be established (e.g. Facebook) where group Members can communicate and share ad hoc information between meetings as desired. 


WHAT ARE THE MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS? You must be a business owner/partner who is serious about growing your business, is curious about improving personal leadership/management skills, is willing to be transparent about your business, and is enthusiastic about helping other members.  Members should be serious about participating in the group, commit to attending meetings, stay engaged, and contribute regularly. 


The group will be selected so that no two members are in direct competition with each other.


HOW LARGE IS A TYPICAL GROUP? The target size for each group is 6 – 8 members.  Anyone who joins will be asked to make at least a six-month commitment to the group.  Once the group is formed and six months of meetings are completed, the group will revisit the membership structure and determine the optimal group size moving forward. 

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