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Sinclair Advisory Group is a proud partner of www.moderndavinci.net, a professional development site helping its members to grow their businsess and develop world-class leadership.  SAG Member Seth Sinclair is a co-founder of Modern da Vinci and serves as the site's leadership expert.  Read some of the recent posts on leadership and business development from Modern da Vinci below.

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When You're Working Hard but Not Getting Results (Thu, 14 May 2020)
There is work, and there are results. The two go hand-in-hand.
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The Single Most Effective Thing You Can Do to Produce Consistently Measurable Results (Wed, 13 May 2020)
Can I tell you something? I took the day off to home school my kids and I'm about ready to pull my fucking hair out. Not because of my kids. They're troopers. They're working hard. They're dealing with this shitty #covid19 hand better than many adults. No, I was frustrated because I didn't know how long each assignment would take, didn't know when they'd get tired, and had no idea how to move them through their planned education. As such, we failed a math test, spent twice as long as we should have on history, and I missed feeding them all lunch. Tonight, I'm recommending my wife to sainthood. Now, with a bit of perspective, I see exactly what went wrong. I had a plan, but I didn't have a schedule.
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OMG. Can We Stop With The Morning Routines Already? (Tue, 19 Nov 2019)
Pain shot through my back. Shocking, excruciating pain. The kind that takes your breath away. It started mid-spine and radiated outward, wrapping around my ribs, then upward toward my neck. I gasped for air, dropped my dumbbells, and collapsed to the ground. It felt oddly good to lie there on the cold concrete of my basement exercise room. If I stayed still, I could regroup and take account of what happened. But the slightest twitch brought immediate suffering. Even breathing hurt. Had I warmed up before working out, I could have avoided twisting my back muscles into a tangled hammock. But I dove right in, curling heavy weights completely cold. Over the next two weeks while my back muscles healed, I’d live to regret it. Moving as deliberately as I’ve ever moved in my life, I attempted to get up. And, with every painful move, I could hear my trainers’ voice in my head: “You’re old as fuck bruh. You gotta spend the time getting your muscles ready so you don’t hurt yourself.” Lesson learned.
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An Open Letter to One Internet Shamer (Who Really Pissed Me Off) (Mon, 04 Nov 2019)
I’ve got a message for the pissed-off suburbanite who posted an emotionally charged and personally-identifying Facebook story about a terrible person speeding through our neighborhood with reckless abandon. You are the problem. You. Not the person who was allegedly going 15 over in a school zone. No. If what you say is true, a local cop should serve that someone a ticket as punishment for their mistake and to pump a bit of funding into our sheriff’s coffers. But that so-and-so was speeding, probably like you have too. It’s just that you happened to eat an extra bowl of bitch-flakes this morning, giving you some holier-than-thou complex that made you the judge, jury, and executioner. So congratulations. You win the Internet shaming award. And you, being the problem, should change your ways. Oh, and while you’re at it, take down that picture of their vehicle, or at least blur out their license plate. You’re acting like a two-year-old, and shaming doesn’t work. Here’s why.
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One Behavior Separates the Massively Productive from the Disorganized and Overwhelmed (Sun, 27 Oct 2019)
It’s a terrible feeling. Being exhausted from a day of constant activity but without a sense of accomplishment. You move from task to task, keeping busy, but never really making progress. As if exhaustion weren’t enough, overwhelm hovers overhead. Even when you finish a task. Even after you head home for the night. That overwhelm is the last thing you think of before falling to sleep. It’s the first thing you think of upon waking. It just might be the biggest source of stress in your life. You’ve tried many life hacks and productivity tips. Like aspirin, they offer some temporary relief. But this sense of overwhelm isn’t a minor headache; it’s a goddamn knife in your brain that leaves you constantly wondering how you’re going to get it all done, or whether you’ll ever get ahead. It’s time you took the knife out and felt a sense of relief.
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What the Most Productive Countries in the World Have In Common (Mon, 14 Oct 2019)
If I asked you which country was the most productive in the world, what would you say? ⠀ Japan? America? ⠀ Those were my answers, but they’re not even in the top 5. ⠀ Every year, Expert Markets study the productivity of countries around the globe. Their measurement stick, however, isn’t hours worked per week. ⠀ Rather, they calculate hours worked divided into income generated toward the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). In other words, how much dough the average citizen earns per hour of effort. ⠀ Which makes sense.
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The 9 Best Writing Tips I Learned From a 7 Day Writing Challenge With the Worlds Top Blogging Expert (Mon, 30 Sep 2019)
When Medium curators distributed my article into the Productivity category, and when a publication called The Startup distributed that same article to over 500k subscribers, it reinforced my belief that Jon Morrow is the worlds top blogging expert. If you don't know of Jon Morrow, he's the founder and chief writer on SmartBlogger.com, and he's wildly successful. I read pretty much anything Jon Morrow writes, and buy pretty much anything he has to sell. Jon has proven to me, through countless blogs and paid courses, that he's the real deal. His writing is spot on, his advice is practical and immediately useful, and he seems to know every pain point a writer like me faces in running a writing-based business. So when he offered his Write a Kick-Ass Blog Post writing challenge in which he and his staff of pro bloggers would walk challengers through writing an article in one week for—get this—$10, purchasing it was a no-brainer. Over 600 others thought the same. We set out on a journey to write a list-post from scratch in 7 days. Every step of the way—from idea to outline to introduction to content to closing—Jon and his team read our work and gave us invaluable feedback. Here are some of the best things I learned.
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What Einstein’s Most Famous Equation Says About Maximizing Your Productivity (Fri, 27 Sep 2019)
In 1905, Albert Einstein showed us that time, energy, mass, and speed are intertwined. The faster you move, the more energy you need. The faster you move, the slower time passes for you. The faster you move, the more your mass increases. Reaching maximum speed, the speed of light, would require an infinite amount of energy and would mind-bogglingly, for you, bring time to a halt. His formula, E=mc^2 mathematically describes how these principles apply to our physical world. But the concepts ring true for our daily life too. Bust your ass too hard, and you’ll fall into bed exhausted. Bust your ass for too long, and seconds will feel like minutes. Bust your ass for too hard and too long, and you’ll feel as though you need an infinite amount of energy to go on. The “weight” of your work will become unbearable. You’ll burn out, falling to ground zero (or below). You don’t think of Einstein’s equation while at work, but you feel the ramifications of overdoing it. You know deep down which tasks suck your energy and which tasks recharge it. And you instinctively know when it’s time to call it a day. As it turns out, these feelings are key to maintaining the intricate balance between Einsteins four variables—time, speed, mass, and energy—which in turn is the key to becoming maximally productive.
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The 7 Best Ways to Hustle Hard, Stay Productive, and Still Sleep Like a Baby Every Night (Wed, 25 Sep 2019)
It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? The constant hustle. The endless grind. The relentless push to overachieve. Every other social media post seems to have some self-improvement quote floating over a well-dressed celebrity, hustle-guilting you into working harder. They tell us to never stop, never surrender. They tell us to wake up at 5 am, exercise, side-hustle for a few hours, then put in a full workday and side-some hustle some more before hitting the sack.
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The Unsexy Way to Make Massive Progress Toward Your Goals (Mon, 23 Sep 2019)
They finally got three outs. After 45 minutes of disappointing hit after hit, the opponents’ pitcher finally ended the inning by picking off our third base runner. The runner wasn’t upset. Our team of 10 and 11-year-old boys had scored an impressive 15 runs in the bottom of the third inning completely dominating the opponent and going on to win by eight points. Two things about this score were surprising: One, we lost against the same team in a walk-off hit just an hour earlier. And two, out of seventeen plays that inning, only one was a home run.
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